Friday, September 27, 2002


Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Good Morning... Happy Hump day!! Got alot to do today.. will be a very busy day. I had a great night...a friend and I are in the beginning stages of starting something totally awesome. I cant what , when, who , or how but you all will soon find out soon. I am totally excited and I know it is going to be great!!
Gotta go to church tonight and take amber to choir practice... gotta get to the post office and mail Julie her cd's I burned for her. Oh she is going to love that hallmark program, it is really handy. I have been praying that she can figure Frontpage out... it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. She can do it, I know she can....*wink*
Oh Oh I cant believe I almost forgot, talked to my mom, my dearly loved best friend whom I call mom and she is going to come in 2 weeks... Oct. 8th and she will stay for 1 week. *jumps up and down* I just love my mom and I can not wait to see her and be with her. Oh boy, I have missed her so much that it is sickening. She came when I had the baby but she only stayed for the weekend (2 days) it wasnt nearly enough time. I have prayed for her to come visit me and finally she is ... I am just can NOT wait.
I better go , got lots to do and I still have to email Tami with some things that brewed up in my head while I was asleep :) Bye for now!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Okay... what is wrong with me...I got up at 4:30am... and now I am wide awake...Grrrrrrrr......hate it when I do that. Anyway, got an email from Connie and boy she sure did make me feel better about my MIL. Thanks Connie, I really appreciate your email :) . Today is going to be a boring day, nothing much going on today. The kids are sick again, Amber stayed home from school yesterday but I think I will send her to school today. Tomorrow I have to take her to Choir practice... I dont know how I am going to do this... her teacher was upset again last week because I took her out of school 1 hour early to get to choir practice. What am I supposed to do?? In our house, church is very important and that includes choir...she is in 3rd grade for crying out loud... if she misses the last hour of school every Wednesday, it isnt that bad...sheesh!!! Her Teacher needs to just chill out.
Been drawing like crazy lately...I am having so much fun doing it. I better go, I have to go potty...LOL...bye for now :)

Monday, September 23, 2002

Good Morning, it is almost 3 am and I just woke up and cant sleep. Oh man, we had steak last night with lots of garlic on it and when I just woke up, I had the grossest taste in my mouth... I hate garlic breath. Oh well... anyway, we had a full and exciting weekend. Friday, we took the kids out to eat for Jacobs bday and we had fun. Then the dedication went well with the baby and then after church we went to MIL house for Jacobs party. It was nice, we had lots of friends over and Jacob had a blast.

You know what just bugs me sooooooooo much. Okay, my MIL drives me bananas... she made Jacob a cake and bought him a soccer ball... Before we left, I thanked her up and down for what she did and told her how much I appreciate all she does. Well, she then goes on and on about all the hard work she put into making the flippin cake and so on and so on. Like she wants me to pat her on the back for hours and hours ... she does that ALL the time. UGH!!!... It just drives me nutso... I am just the kind of person who does things and never expecting any recognition and thats okay with me, as long as I see the person that I am doing stuff for happy... thats all I need. But I know there are people like her who HAVE to be recognized for the things that they do... so that is why I ALWAYS make it a point to take out a moment and thank her from my heart for her work, thoughtfulness, and love that she gives us. But it is NEVER enough, its like I have to keep thanking her and thanking her. Oh well, she is strange. Mother in Laws... what can I say??

I think I am going to go back to sleep... good night and bye for now:)