Friday, September 20, 2002

Good Morning!! This will be a short post because today is Jacobs 3rd birthday!! Happy Birthday, my darling son!! I am going to force myself to leave this computer alone today!! Today is Mommy and Jacob day. We will be leaving tonight to go away for the weekend but we will be back Sat. night cause Christopher is getting dedicated Sunday;) So Sunday we are having a party for Jacob!! I better go, Jacob wants to color right now :) Bye for now

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Okay finally I have time for the puter... had to take Amber to youth choir practice, then go to the church service... got home cooked dinner... then Chris did the dishes while I got the baby to sleep... then had to put the other 2 to bed...*deep breath* Okay the funny story... well, let me warn you ... its kinda gross too, but I think its funny now.
Little background, I have long nails... I go every couple weeks and get them filled so food and things sometimes get caught underneath them. Well, the other day when we drove to Portland for that client meeting, we met at a Mexican Restuarant. We ate and I had lots of guacamole... it was good. So anyway, the baby was poopy so I took him into the bathroom and there was no where to change him... so I sat on the toilet (it didnt have a top lid) and put him on my lap, I opened up his diaper and *YIKES* it was a mess. So I cleaned and cleaned some more... finally got him changed. (oh one more thing.... I have this habit of smelling everything...dont know why but I do it... like if I get a glass out of the cupboard, I smell it before I use it...LOL) I went back to our seat and I started talking.. then I noticed I had guacamole underneath my finger nail... I was about to just stick my finger in mouth when something said smell it first...OMGosh... it was poop... I started grossing out telling my hubby that I almost ate poop... it was so gross and everyone was cracking up laughing... I ran to the bathroom and washed the heck out of my hands... so that is my funny story... think I can tell it funnier in person than typing... but you all could imagine. Well, I better go... nighters*S*
Good Morning!! Well, my day has started off nicely... I found a blog award and a new linkie in my mailbox...and it was from Andree. I was so excited... you can see it right above my tag board. Okay about Monday night and that stupid situation... I just have one last thing to say... THANK YOU... to the several emails I received offering their support... that was really nice of you all;) Okay thats it... all over!! This has to be a short entry, I smell a poopy diaper...YUCK!!! Bye for now... I will be back cause I have a funny story to tell.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Oh what a night. Okay this is the most ridiculous day I have ever had. First of all I drew something and showed it off. Then someone got totally bent and tried to humiliate me by posting the tutorial I did. Now the tut had selections but they are not available so if you do any of the tuts, you need to do them by hand. So anyway, then her "partner in crime"....LOL... this is so silly but I have to post about it.... anyway, the other one posted all the tubes of the tut I did. Then this girl posts about it on her blog... you can read it here. Anyway, I am totally puzzled at why she would do this so I nicely email her explaining that I drew this graphic and blah blah blah... well, she just ignores me...(figures!!) So I tag her and she starts cussing at me, insulting me, calling me names. I was just floored at the mouth on this girl. And if I upset her then GOOD... cause she was wrong and owes me an apology. So I email her again... and you know me... I am NEVER rude...she emails me back and tells me to kiss her ass....WHATEVER!!! Some people need the Lord in their lives... I tell you!!. ... Well I tried to resolve this but this girl is just way out of control and immature to deal with anything. She probably feels silly cause she was incorrect in her assumption.... she tries to tell me that she was just speaking openly on her blog that it wasnt about anybody particular...*GIVE ME A BREAK* do I look like an idiot??? PLEASE... be for real!!! Anyway, then her friend takes down all my graphics and deletes my link to my blog and that jazz... Oh well... My feelings were hurt and I did NOT deserve to be treated like this girl treated me. So there, I will get off my soap box. At least she didnt upset me;) I actually kinda laughed about the entire thing... it was funny how she was behaving.... ok ok... I will stop. I better get to bed... its 12:30am... nighters!!!

Monday, September 16, 2002

Good Day All !! This post is for Tami...LOL... See I am here...just had friends staying with us all weekend and had to do some computer business in Portland this weekend. Didnt even get to go to church yesterday :( I missed it but I read my bible and got my fix. Got lots to do this week cause my boy will be 3 yrs old on Friday:)!!! I cant believe it... he is growing so fast. Sunday, we are getting the baby dedicated and having a party for I probably wont have many entries this week. I better go, the baby is on my lap and sucking on my arm... looks like I am getting a hickie...LOL... have a great monday!!