Friday, September 13, 2002

Been working hard on learning how to tole paint.... it has been so much fun...I finally finished my first creation :) I am pretty pleased at how it turned out...hopefully they will all be that much fun. Have a busy evening ahead of us...gotta get to best buy and return this stupid router and take Amber to her grandmas for her visit with her mom tomorrow. Then got to drop off an invoice so we can get paid!! I better go, the boys are about to wake up and Amber is going to be home in 5 mins. Bye for now :)

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Thursday, September 12, 2002

Good Afternoon!! Last night we went to church, it was a nice service. I was surprise to see how many people showed up....looked like an Easter Service. Today, we had our first day of MOPS and it was great. Love my new group and Jacob had fun. Christopher didnt do so well, in the nursery, I had to go get him and bring him with me. But all the girls at my table loved him...they just doted on him. I am doing a lot better, I am glad...maybe I just needed church and needed to be doing something. I cant stand to just sit still. Oh boy, this little one just will not let me do anything unless I am focus on him 100%...I gotta go and give him some attention. Bye for now :)

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Sunday, September 08, 2002

Well, I am still having those bouts of depression...cant seem to shake it. So I went to church with an open heart, open eyes, and open mind. It was wonderful. On the way to church I was telling Chris that I know what I need...I know I what I lack and I am angry that I dont give myself what I need. Its simple...God!! I decided I was going to start to get up earlier everyday so I can have my time with the Lord. Decided that I need to read His word early in the morning then pray and meditate about what I read and listen to the Lord speaking to me. So anyway, at church our sermon was about being a mature christian. Talked about 4 steps to christian maturity...the first, GLORIFY...glorify His name, praise Him, bless Him. Second, need to grow in your faith. Read the scripture, spend time with Him, Pray. Third, must give back...either tithing or something along those lines. Then Finally GO.... you must go out and preach the word of God, minister, witness. Anyway, it really spoke to me. It was just what I needed to hear. I better go, looks like Chris is finished reading...hehehe...Big hugs to you all.

Oh dear dear friend Tami adopted some cute little blogging bears for her and I ... you can see it on the left side :) Thanks Tam!!