Saturday, August 31, 2002

I am pretty slow about updating this thing. Lets see what am I up too. Oh I joined a new group...its with Janes tubes...its PSP tole painting group...its pretty cool...all the girls are real nice and you get to share all your creations:) My life to have hit a slow point...I am busy with things to do but I feel like I am just in a stump, know what I mean. Things really couldnt get much better around here, except more income would be nice. But as far as my marriage, kids, and all that good stuff, it is all going great. I cant believe it, this is probably the first time in my life that things are not sucky for me...LOL. I went to Keely's blog and read what her hubby wrote...I really dont know her all that well, but how sad. I remember being in that spot some years ago...not a fun state of mind to be in. I will pray for her and continue to pray for her till I hear she is all well. Gonna go for now, my hand is killing me, I have been typing all day doing various things. bye for now :) *S*

Thursday, August 29, 2002

I am having a crappy day. Went to the lawyers office to turn in our paperwork for our Chapter 13 we are filing. Went to Ambers orientation and realized school starts tomorrow...LOL... I must've been in outer space cause I didnt realize it was soooooo soon, thought I had till next week. So I had to go to walmart for school supplies and they were all out then I had to go to Target and pick up what scraps they had left....Finally got home around 10:30pm and the baby was I got him to sleep. Then Chris got his stuff packed up cause he is going to work through the night to get some much needed hours in. And now I get on the computer and the baby wakes up....UGH!! I am such a sap cause the only thing that makes me feel better is my husband. Is that corny or what?? I just love him so much, that it hurts. I am going to post a pic of him just so he can read my blog and see how much I think of him :)

Monday, August 26, 2002

I guess getting your tooth pulled isnt so bad. Chris just totally spoiled me last night. He comes home with the kids and tells to get something out of his car, that he is just too pooped out to get it. So I say okay and I go out to the car and he has 2 bags. One has an HP Photo Scanner, and the other had Christian Card (Hallmark) software and Scrapbooking software...hehehe...I felt so spoiled.
He is such a booger.... I hate buying myself stuff but I guess that is why God gave me a husband and he will make sure I have all the goodies I want. Anyway, not much going on here...just balanced the checkbook, went grocery shopping, bought an espresso machine, and got the kids to bed. Now I am pooped out and ready for bed. My tooth keeps on hurting me and I am all out of pain pills so I guess I must suffer with the pain. I need to call the dentist tomorrow and make appts. for the entire family to go get a check up and a cleaning. Then this weekend I get to go take Amber school clothes shopping...that'll be fun. I love shopping for her. I better get to bed. Good night...bye for now :)

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