Friday, August 23, 2002

TGIF... I probably wont be doing much this weekend. I am just praying that the swelling of my tooth and the pain goes down enough so I can get to church on Sunday. I hate missing church, makes me feel like I cant get through my day without it. Its weird if I miss my dose of church I go through withdrawls.... and I am grouchy and no one likes to be around me.
*GOOD NEWS*... Yesterday Chris went into work and asked for a raise, a weeks paid vacation, and some other things. Well, his boss agreed to all his requests. So he got a 4 $ raise and a weeks vacation...we are so blessed. Ever since renewing our vows, our life took a turn for the better. Everything has been going our way (with lots of praying). The Lord is definitely with us, and helping us get where we need to be. Praise God!!! That is all I have to say. Thank You Jesus...

Anyway, I gotta make this short cause my baby is crying :) Bye for now!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Since my sister left I have been just busy busy busy!! Seems like I cant catch a break...LOL...Well, we had a great time at the Luis Palau Festival. The kids enjoyed themselves so much. Especially when Steven Curtis Chapman was singing. They were just rocking out, it was the cutest thing to see their faces. Definitely a great blessing. Here are a few pics...I just love the one where Jacob is raising his hands praising the Lord :) Hope you enjoy these!!