Saturday, August 03, 2002

Good Morning All!! Well, Today is sister day...or that is what I told my sister. So we are going to spend the day together and Chris is taking the other 3 kids computer store shopping. I thought we'd go to JoAnn's Fabrics and look around, I want to make a valance for my room cause I got a new americana quilt. I love it!! Then I was thinking of taking her out to lunch and after that I have no idea maybe go to the arcade, we'll see. Hope everyone has a great day. Bye for now!!
Went to Odyssey today...hahaha...that was fun with 4 kids. Well, my eye is getting worse and I dont know what the heck is wrong with it. I think I have a stye but it itches and feels like a bruise when I touch it. Anyway, not much going on here...just uploaded my FWF secret sis page. And I just emailed my Secret sis...cant say who she is cause I know she reads my blog...LOL . Anyway, been blog hopping, think I tagged just about everyone:) Got these quizzes over at Melody's blog...thanks Mel. Oh dont forget to lookie at the little gift she made for me...I just love it!!

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Friday, August 02, 2002

Good Morning!! Well, I dont know what happened while I was asleep but I woke up and my left eye is almost completely swollen shut!! and I have mosquito bites all over my arm. I feel like a train wreck and I look totally messed up. I can hardly see out of my eye. But, that cant keep me from my computer...LOL. Chris got up with the baby last night so I got to sleep a little better than usual. Although I woke up at his normal times throughout the night. Why do I do that? Whenever I have the chance to sleep through the night or sleep in, I dont. Guess my body just doesnt like to sleep well. I told the kids yesterday that I would take them to Odessey today but I just really dont want to go anywhere with my eye looking like this. I look retarded!! Anyway, I took the most beautiful picture of my sister...the picture really captures her beauty and I just have to post it. Here is Arin, my little sister.
You'd never believe she is a special needs child.
Isnt she just gorgeous!!! Well, I am going to do the dishes before everyone wakes up. Good bye for now :)
Been making blinkies all night...I am totally blinked out :) Anyway, just blog hoppin and taking some quizzes while I wait for Chris to finish building my moms computer and he is ready for bed :) Nighters!!

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Thursday, August 01, 2002

Good Morning!! Well, my house is totally crazy right now, so I decided to hide on my computer...LOL. You know I woke up at 6am and I felt good but I made the mistake of going back to now I am totally tired. Well, I came across this site called Topics Blog and I thought I would use one of their topics today to talk about.

Have you ever met anyone from online? How did it go? Were they different than expected or the same? How long did you know them prior to meeting them?

Yes, I have!! I met Chris online almost 6 years ago. It was great online, we used to talk till all hours of the night and I used to be sooooooo excited to wake up in the morning to check my email. He was different online than in person. I think we both were. I was totally shy and quiet. I kept giggling the entire time (you know, cause I was nervous). He was super quiet and just kept staring at me with a smile. I think it was the awkwardness of meeting for the first time. I knew him 4 months before I met him in person. Well, now I am happily married to man of dreams. I love him with all my heart.:) Bye for now.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Good Morning!!! I feel much better today :) Dont know why maybe cause I went to bed shortly after midnight instead of 2 am. I got a dilema right now...and I must title it WHAT IS MY SONS NAME? Okay here it is..... While I was pregnant I wanted to name the baby Joseph but Chris insisted that we name him after him...Christopher Joseph...well, I finally caved in and named him Christopher. Well, after he was born, calling him Christopher just seemed like too big of a name for him. And calling Chris seemed to old for I thought hmmmmm....maybe Chrissy but that was kinda I started calling him Christy...EVERYONE made fun of me. So I decided I was going to call him Joey ( his middle name and the name I wanted for him). Well, my entire family started calling him Joey but Chris out right refused to and only called him Christopher. Then Mary my MIL calls him CJ and Amber calls him Chris and Joey....LOL...its a total mess right now. Chris and I fight constantly over what to call the baby....So I need some help from anyone who is reading this..... what should I call my son?? I dont want to fight with Chris but I want to feel like when I call my sons name it is natural. Should I give in and call him Christopher or stick to my guns and call him Joey. Chris is extremely stubborn and WILL NOT give in....what do I do???

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Well as you can tell, I cant sleep and I am totally bored. I have made as many blinkies as I think I can...LOL so I thought I would go blog hoppin and check out some quizzes. So here they are :)

I'm a Snow Leopard!

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and a quiet moment of thoughtful contemplation, though you don't let

this mindset inhibit your social life - a friend to all, you're never too busy

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I'm Doc!
I'm The Soul Bearer!
This is all I have to say today!!! And stupid tag board isnt working and getting tagged and tagging is what helps me get through my day :)

Monday, July 29, 2002

Can we say Calgon take me away?? Boy, my stress level increased by about 2000...LOL. Jacob is being a total little turd and Amber just isnt listening at all and she is crying alot (for attention). And poor Arin misses her mom so much. I wonder if I should just stick her on a plane and send her home. I know that because of her disablities that she cant grasp the fact that she WILL return home and that she is not going to have to stay with me forever. Anyway, last night Mary had to come over and babysit the kids while I took Chris to the hospital. He was experiencing some intense pain in his testicles and such. Well, after about 5 hours they finally said that all his test came back normal and he is okay. I dont know, sometimes I think Chris exaggerates alot and he is kinda a hypocondriact (sp?)...thank goodness nothing is wrong with him but I am tired. Got home after 2am and Jacob woke me up at 7 this morning. Well, its 9:10am and Chris is still asleep...lucky him...a moms job sucks....I fed the kids, change a few diapers, stuck a load of clothes in, and now I need to clean this slop we call a home.
Camping was fun this weekend but super windy and my new tent is broken!!! I am not happy about that. The lake was cool but I was just so pooped out that I couldnt enjoy it like I usually do. Maybe we will go next weekend and it will be a better weekend. I better go, got lots of stuff to do today :)

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