Friday, July 26, 2002

Okay, I picked up my sister...I am butt tired. Went to bed at 3am cause I got stuck making blinkies and I got up at 5:30am....I feel like passing out. Amber is being a butthead.... her attitude sucks. She wont include Jacob in anything and forgets that Arin is 14 yrs old and she doesnt play with barbies anymore. Then Amber got pissed off cause Arin said Joey was her brother and she said NO, HE IS MY HALF BROTHER!! What the hell is that?? I bet her mother is saying some BS crap to her. Anyway, I need to figure something out for these kids to do today but all I feel like doing is drinking some whiskey and drawing blinkies....LOL. Better go, talk to you all later :)

Thursday, July 25, 2002

So... Are you a Bitch?

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A Tad Moody

OK, you passed the test. Barely. You're a nice person in general, but when things don't go your way, you might just take it to heart a little too much. From now on think of babies and teddy bears when you get angry. Or just be a bitch... what do we care anyway.
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Calm and Cool

OK, stop kidding yourself. You need to stop going after the drunk idiot with the nice body. You're the kind of person who likes to flirt a little and have some fun, but overall you're pretty laid back. So take it easy with a good one like yourself for a change, you deserve the benefits you'll get from it.
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Perfect Angel

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Thought I would surf the net and take some quizzes...LOL

This is what I am dealing with.... Click here You know all these moms keep saying how their kids are driving them crazy this summer...I agree it must be something in the air. I got Jacob running around here in a dress and Amber trying to clean shit up off the floor with Jacob's blanket...thank goodness Joey is asleep. UGH!!! I am going bananas. Think I need to take 10 mins to myself and pray. I havent really been taking the time I need to pray. Oh and guess what!!! Joey has Chicken I guess we wont be able to get to church this Sunday again. Nor last weekend cause Jacob had them and the Sunday before cause Jacob had them. Gotta go and feed the baby.
Which Buff Girl Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty
Got the test from Alley's blog :) Thanks Alley!!
Good Morning!! I have so much to do today. I have to get this house clean, my sister is coming tomorrow morning and she will be staying for 3 weeks. She is 14 yrs old. Oh and Chris cant go with me cause he has court. So I get to go to the airport with 3 kids alone and I have to meet her at the gate cause she is a special needs child. How the heck am I going to do with 3 kids and get her luggage by myself....UGH!! I cant wait to see her, I miss her so much. Anyway, last night we went out for Mexican food and man the kids were getting on my nerves. They took over an hour to eat their food. I just have no patience anymore with them. I think I am going crazy...LOL. Went shopping for a bathing suit AGAIN last night. No luck!!! I know what I look like....if you took a light bulb and turned it upside down and put legs on it...that would be me...!!! Well, I gotta get my chores done. By for now.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

I am exhausted but I cant seem to get my butt off this computer. Took the kids to Odessey...its kinda like the McDonalds Playland but maybe 4 or 5 times bigger. They got to burn off energy, but it didnt help a bit.:( They just about drove me nuts. Have you ever had one of those days where you are feeling kinda blue but dont know why and your patience is thin thin thin and you have like zero tolerance. Well that is the kind of day I had. I could've beat those kids black and blue. But I didnt...there was only a tiny bit of blood. LOL....Anyway, went shopping for a bathing suit again....*&%$#@ I HATE THE WAY I LOOK IN A BATHING SUIT...I look like a penguin...I am beginning to think that I look like a penguin body. I was walking past the windows at the store and was looking at myself walk...OMG I almost fell over when I saw myself. I mean I know I just had a baby but I only gained 15 lbs. with my pregnancy and I have already lost 21 lbs. but I am fatter than I was before. I tried on my old jeans and I couldnt even button them...I had too much mush between the buttons sticking out (my tummy)...nough of this subject. Anyway, it is late and I better go to bed. Goodnight :) click to take it!

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Took a goddess test over at emode. So I thought I would post my results....LOL...First of all I was a Pixie. Here are the results Pixie

Like most beautiful, mischievous Pixies, you really like to have fun. And you don't just think about the good times, you actually go out and make them happen. You have bundles of positive energy to spend on friends and family — something you always do with your personal sense of flair.

Everything about you has your own special touch, it seems, especially your sense of style. In fact, others might consider you something of a fashion diva. That's because while physical possessions might not determine who you are, they certainly tell folks what you're about. Life is your runway and expressing yourself as a fun-loving goddess is an individuality no one can take away!

This light spirit you possess never fails to put your friends, relatives, and even crushes at ease. People find your enthusiastic ways approachable, and when you turn on that mischievous charm, it's all over. So get out there, Pixie. There are plenty of folks just waiting to be touched by your bubbling personality!
GOOD MORNING!!! Well lets see I worked on this thing till 3am and I kinda got it fixed but now I have a new is just never ending. I have a feeling that no one is really going to read this cause I am just too boring. You know the older I get the less exciting I am. Hmmmm...thats a bummer. Well thank you Mel once again for helping me with my always come to my rescue. The kids are asleep and so is Chris...its already 830am...sheesh lazy ass people. I have to get up early no matter what no matter how late I go to bed. Man, I love my job. I never get to clock out...lucky me. Anyway, yesterday we went shopping for bathing suits....YIKES!!! That was scary. I thought I was going to die. I am just huge and I look ridiculous in a bathing suit...I needed a big fat hat and a trench coat. They sure do make bikinis in super large size. I dont know how those girls can wear bikinis and feel comfortable. I was looking for a black or navy ONE PIECE...LOL.
Ut oh Joey is getting fussy...I better feed him and then have my coffee....Have a good morning :)
Oh I still cant figure this darn thing dang middle section where my posts go wont show my background...I just dont know what I am doing wrong. Anyway, you today I was sitting in the van and watching Chris drive and I just had this overwhelming feeling of love for him...I guess you could call it a burst of love...LOL...anyway, whatever it was I had it. WOW pretty cool feeling. But went away shortly after I had it...LOL...hahaha...Oh well. Guess I will go to bed and try to work on this blog tomorrow...I just dont know what to do. Till tomorrow.

Monday, July 22, 2002

okay...well at least my posts work but I can get these stupid backgrounds to work or anything else. And no one at FWF will help me...they all say that they dont know how but their blogs are up...GO FIGURE!! I am a smart girl and I used to have one these a year ago so I need to remember how I did it :)
I cant figure this thing out...UGH!! Okay if I cant find anyone to help me then I am not going to do this thing again :)